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Learn Your Legal Options After A Dog Or Animal Attack

No matter how harmless a pet or another animal may seem, it may be capable of causing serious damage. The Derek Hays Law has the experience and knowledge to know how critical compensation can be after a dog or other animal attacks you. We are committed to helping families and individuals in the Atlanta metro and beyond overcome the challenges of dog bite cases.

Animal Attacks Can Have Significant Consequences

Dog and animal bites can cause severe injuries and fatalities, including:

Often, dog attack injuries require surgery or lead to disability. Treating injuries can be expensive as well as emotionally and physically difficult. We give clients compassionate and comprehensive advice during their recovery. Speak to our dog bite lawyer about your options.

Determining How Much A Dog Attack Case Is Worth

The value of a case depends on many factors. We can give you a realistic estimate of your personal injury claim and help you obtain the full amount of compensation you need.

Damages are one of the main factors that determine how much a case is worth. For dog bites and other animal attacks, damages typically include medical expenses. Because dog attack injuries can range in severity, each case has a unique value.

However, your compensation also depends on the legal process. You might have a choice between negotiating a settlement and suing the animal’s owner. Our Georgia-based firm can help you evaluate your options and advocate for you.

Get A Claim Assessment For Your Case

The Derek Hays Law is fully dedicated to our clients. If you suffered a serious animal attack, you can rely on us throughout your case. Email our firm or call 404-777-HURT (4878) for a free consultation. Contact our offices in Lawrenceville today.