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There Is No Excuse For Elder Abuse

Outright physical or sexual abuse of any vulnerable person is an act that most people find morally offensive and devoid of conscience. Yet evidence continues to mount that this occurs in many nursing homes across Georgia and elsewhere in our country — more frequently than any of us would choose to believe.

The decision to place an elderly family member in a full-time care facility is often extremely difficult. You may have done all you could to screen and choose the right nursing home, only to discover that the services provided are inadequate, dangerous, and life-threatening.

Abuse Of A Vulnerable Elder Must Be Exposed And Terminated

At the Derek Hays Law in Lawrenceville, Georgia, we will empathize with your grief, outrage and sense of betrayal. Further, we know how to hold nursing homes accountable for elder abuse and negligent care. You should contact our legal team right away if, for example:

  • Your elderly family member is able to communicate distress about physical abuse or other maltreatment
  • You observe bruises or other injuries that appear to be caused by striking, hitting or another violent contact

In our view, exposing nursing homes that tolerate abuse or do not take adequate steps to prevent it, should be a top priority.  Elder abuse is often a result of a facility taking financial “shortcuts”.  This can manifest itself when nursing homes fail to properly conduct background checks or train/educate low-paid employees.  Your only meaningful recourse may be a well-prepared lawsuit seeking substantial financial damages.

Work With A Proven Lawyer Who Will Empathize With All Of Your Concerns

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