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Frequently Asked Car Accident Questions

The moments after a car crash can be overwhelming, frightening and painful. Many victims do not know how to react in the days following the collision. They find themselves confused by all of the questions and at a loss for any answers.  Unfortunately, this means that many of them make a mistake and rely upon the insurance adjuster for answers.  The adjuster is happy to guide them down a path that limits their ability to recover compensation.  Seeking compensation from insurance companies can be challenging on your own. Mr. Hays and his team can assist you with all aspects of your case and make sure that the insurance company justly compensates you for what you have endured.

At the Derek Hays Law, we strive to give clear answers and complete information to our clients from the first call through until the end of their personal injury case. We are dedicated to representing victims throughout the entire Atlanta metro area. Let us answer your questions with a free consultation today!

How Will I Pay My Medical Bills After A Car Accident?

The injuries from a car crash may require extensive medical treatment and therefore, create expensive medical bills.  This treatment may include months of physical therapy, multiple surgeries, inpatient rehabilitation, or even 24 hour home health care.  The bills could be astronomical and the collection agencies can be unforgiving.  However, the Derek Hays Law can provide the help you need to utilize every potential collateral source available to you to pay those bills!

If another driver was at fault for your wreck, you may be eligible to seek compensation for those bills and other related costs through a personal injury claim against their insurance coverage.  Mr. Hays and his team will look beyond that basic coverage.  We will tap into all available insurance coverages (car insurance, health insurance, medical payment coverage, etc…) in order to maximize your eventual in pocket recovery.

Should I Give A Statement To The Insurance Company?

The simple answer is to not discuss your potential claim with any insurance company, including your own, until you have contacted the Derek Hays Law.  One of the jobs of a personal injury attorney is to be a filter of information regarding your injury claim.  Mr. Hays knows what information the insurance company needs to evaluate the claim and what information is purely intended to be intrusive and irrelevant.  Quite simply, a statement is generally not required and only intended to help the insurance company and not the victim.

Remember, insurance companies are businesses.  They are likely to put their profits above all else and pose questions intended to minimize the value of your claim.  One simple mistake in a recorded statement answer or a forgotten fact could provide the insurance company a basis for denying your claim.  This could leave you on the hook for damages worth hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Should I File A Lawsuit After An Accident?

In most cases, a lawsuit is not necessary to resolve a claim.  Litigation generally requires lots of time and money.  You may wait several years between the time the lawsuit is filed and the date of the eventual trial.  You may also be forced to spend several thousand dollars just to get there.  However, this is sometimes unavoidable.

Litigation becomes necessary when the insurance company does not offer a just settlement amount or denies liability for the wreck.  Mr. Hays has fought these battles and won.  In his more than 20 years of experience, he has proven himself to the insurance companies during the course of litigation and in trial.  Quite simply, they know that he will aggressively and tirelessly fight for his clients!

How Much Is My Case Worth?

The simple answer to this complicated question is “it depends.”  It is not uncommon to hear someone claim to be able to determine the value of your case a few days or weeks after the wreck based solely on a few simple facts about what happened.  Generally, that “guess” at the value is intended to tell you what you want to hear and not based on an appropriate analysis.  Consider this, do you know what the big picture is on a 1,000 piece puzzle if the pieces are dumped on a table in a pile and the box is thrown away?  Of course not!

There are many factors considered in determining the true value of your claim.  Most of these facts will not be known for several weeks or even months after the wreck.  You need to know the severity and extent of the injury, the prognosis, the amount of the total medical expenses incurred in your treatment, the amount of the projected future medical bills (if necessary), the amount of lost wages, etc…  Wrongful death cases may also involve compensation for funeral costs, estate claims, and other financial losses that the family must endure.

Do not fall for false promises made without complete facts or investigation.  Mr. Hays knows how to maximize the value of your claim by getting the answers to all of these questions and more.  Contact our office and start the conversation today.

What If I Can’t Afford An Attorney?

The Derek Hays Law works strictly on a contingency fee basis.  Very simply, that means that we do not get paid an attorney fee unless we get compensation for you. There is no out of pocket cost to you or retainer to be paid up front.

More Questions? Get Detailed Answers.

Mr. Hays will explain your rights and options in depth with a free consultation. Call 404-777-HURT (4878) or email us to contact our offices in Lawrenceville today.