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Serious Truck Accidents Require A Serious Attorney

Many highways and streets in Georgia carry a high volume of tractor-trailers, delivery trucks, construction rigs, and other huge commercial vehicles. A notable percentage of the most serious and fatal auto wrecks in our area involve these trucks and many people’s lives are changed forever as a result.

Turn To A Lawyer Who Has Recovered Millions For Truck Accident Victims

Over the past 20 plus years, Derek Hays has led the way in recovering millions for trucking accident victims and grieving families. You can turn to our firm for focused attention to your claim needs and a thorough crash investigation to establish fault conducted by specialized experts.  We will identify all at-fault parties, including the owners of the tractor, the trailer, the materials being transported and the insurance companies behind them.  Because these kinds of wrecks generally involve more severe injuries, we will also make sure that you receive all of the medical treatment you need.

There are Federal Rules and Regulations that dictate the use of commercial vehicles such as these in interstate commerce.  Those Rules are many times violated intentionally or not.  These violations may open the door to additional damages intended to punish those at fault.  Mr. Hays knows how to explore these violations and use them to maximize your eventual recovery.

Other frequent causes of serious and deadly crashes include:

  • Driver fatigue due to driving “over hours” in defiance of Federal Regulations that mandate rest periods
  • Inadequate maintenance of 18-wheelers and other commercial trucks
  • Aggressive and unsafe driving maneuvers by truck drivers intent on meeting time schedules

Truck drivers and transportation companies, along with their insurers, are known to have used shady tactics to remove or conceal evidence. Some value their own profits and reputations over innocent victims’ lives and health. This makes it critical to contact our firm as soon as possible after receiving necessary medical attention.

Call 404-777-HURT (4878) For Legal Counsel You Can Trust

Our primary mission after a trucking accident is to aggressively expose facts that compel those responsible to compensate you fairly. However, we are always prepared to fight for your rights at trial if negotiations fail. For a free, no-risk case evaluation, please call 404-777-HURT (4878) or email us at the Derek Hays Law anytime. Contact our offices in Lawrenceville today.