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Lyft Driver

Mr. Hays and his client were featured in this local TV news story regarding an intoxicated Lyft driver and her erratic driving that led to a violent collision. His client was able to video the horrific events with his cell phone, including the arrest of the driver for DUI.


Time Trials in Chattanooga

Latricia Thomas – WTVC Chattanooga

Mr. Hays and his client were featured in this series of reports by a local Chattanooga, TN network. His client was catastrophically injured while working as a volunteer at an automobile race in downtown Chattanooga.

Part 1: Time Trial Tragedy: For the first time, see the crash that changed one man’s life | WTVC (

Part 2: Time Trial Tragedy: After months of questions, our discovery about the airborne barrier | WTVC (

Part 3: Time Trial Tragedy: Who will make sure it doesn’t happen again? | WTVC (

Nursing Home Case

Mr. Hays and the daughters of his elderly, Alzheimer’s client appeared in a local ABC news story about her suspicious and life-threatening injuries sustained while under the care of a nursing home. The family was terrified by the events and Mr. Hays was honored to represent them.

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