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Get Strong, Effective Representation After A Wrongful Death Within Your Family

When a family member is seriously injured in an accident, everyone hopes and prays for a total recovery. However, when someone’s negligence or reckless behavior takes the life of an immediate family member, all you can do is have faith, treasure the time you had together, and strive to move forward.  While you focus on those thoughts, you must look out for yourself and your family financially as well. Contact us at the Derek Hays Law. When you make that decision, you will put a compassionate, highly driven, legal team led by a proven trial lawyer to work protecting you and your family.

Money Cannot Replace Your Loved One, But It Will Help You Move Forward

Death claims are the most difficult and delicate claims you can handle as an attorney.  There are real emotions and feelings of loss that may take years to resolve or sometimes may never go away.  We realize this fact and understand the circumstances.  Unfortunately, a financial settlement or verdict is the only recourse we can pursue in a Civil Court setting.  With that in mind, Georgia’s wrongful death laws allow for recovery for damages such as:

  • Wages and benefits your loved one could reasonably have been expected to earn throughout a normal life span
  • Loss of care and companionship
  • Medical, funeral and burial costs

Experienced personal injury and wrongful death attorney Derek Hays will aggressively seek every dollar of compensation available to you in this traumatic time. Mr. Hays’ track record in litigation speaks for itself, but you can also be assured that he will get to know you and build your case with respect to all that your deceased spouse, child or parent had to offer and contribute.

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Our firm’s real-world case experience covers the spectrum of catastrophic car accidents, work-related accidents, medical malpractice and other tragic events. To work directly with an attorney who has recovered more than $125 million for suffering and grieving accident victims since 1997, call or email our firm now. Contact our offices in Lawrenceville today.