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Proven Representation For Amputation Injury Victims In Georgia

It is difficult for those who have never suffered a truly devastating injury to imagine what someone who loses a body part must go through. Amputation of a hand, arm, foot, or leg is clearly life-altering, but even the loss of a finger or toe can prevent a person from performing work and enjoying other activities integral to his or her happiness.

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At the Derek Hays Law in Lawrenceville, Georgia, you can count on genuine empathy and determination to fight for every dollar of compensation to help you — or your severely injured family member — move forward in life. Attorney Derek Hays had led the way in recovering many millions of dollars for catastrophic injury victims since 1997.

Whether you lost your body part immediately in an accident or suffered tissue damage that made amputation medically necessary later, we will assess your potential claims and legal options. We know from relevant case experience that amputations occur in many different settings, under a vast range of circumstances. Our legal team is here to help if you suffered any serious injuries that you believe were caused by someone else, including amputation injuries resulting from:

  • A car accident, motorcycle wreck, collision with a commercial truck, pedestrian run-down or another type of motor vehicle accident;
  • An explosion, equipment malfunction or another industrial workplace accident that may justify both a workers’ compensation claim and a lawsuit against a negligent person or company other than your employer
  • An apartment fire traceable to the lack of working smoke detectors or some other landlord negligence
  • An act of medical malpractice or negligence in a nursing home

Although insurance companies cannot deny that an amputation occurred or categorize it as a minor or “soft tissue” injury, you should not depend on them to offer the compensation you deserve. Will you encounter medical and rehabilitative costs in the hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars? Many amputation victims require long-term emotional counseling. Shouldn’t you have the highest-quality and most functional prosthesis available?

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