Can I sue if another child injures my child?

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Kids benefit from playing with kids their age. They learn social skills, build confidence and develop creativity. Filled with energy and wonder, they could run about carefree. That is until your little one gets seriously hurt. As a parent, it is natural to be concerned and angry at those responsible. But what’s your next step?

If you are considering legal action, it’s important to understand how the process works. Georgia’s personal injury laws, especially those involving children, can be complex.

Liability when a child injures another child

Any number of situations exist where a child could cause harm to another. It could be the result of an accident, horseplay or a mean-spirited joke. Unfortunately, such mishaps may lead to severe injuries that require significant medical care. The hurt child could also experience trauma.

Georgia recognizes that children are still learning and does not hold them to the same standards as adults. In the eyes of the law, children who are four years old or younger are not capable of negligence. Negligence involves being careless and not taking reasonable steps to prevent harm to another person. It plays a role in determining liability.

As children grow older, the expectations evolve. Those old enough to understand danger must exercise care appropriate for their age. If your child sustains an injury after knowing the risks involved, the court could find them partially responsible for their injury.

When accidents involving minors happen, it is usually the parents who are liable. Additionally, if your child was injured under another adult’s care such as teachers or babysitters, you might be able to pursue a claim against them.

However, the court process can be hazy, especially without qualified legal knowledge.

When in doubt, seek help

Handling a personal injury lawsuit, especially one involving minors, may become more manageable with an experienced attorney by your side. Although you’d want to hold those responsible accountable immediately, there is still due process.

If you encounter obstacles or are unsure how to proceed, consider talking to a personal injury lawyer. They can give your case the attention it deserves.