Amputation injuries: Complications of living with a prosthetic limb

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Amputation injuries can result from a car collision, a slip-and-fall accident or a medical malpractice act. Regardless of the reason, losing a body part can be immensely devastating. But with the help of prosthetic limbs, amputees can have a chance to rebuild their lives.

Unfortunately, living with a prosthetic limb also presents far-reaching consequences. 

Adjusting to a prosthesis can be profoundly difficult

The severity of prosthetic complications varies for each person. The following are some common struggles that injured parties living with a prosthetic arm or leg confront:

  • Physical: The phantom pain sensation can be cruel as it perceives discomfort in a body part that is no longer there. It typically mimics nerve pain, sending burning electric shocks.
  • Emotional: It can be challenging to embrace a new reality wherein a part of oneself is permanently gone. It can trigger mixed feelings of anxiety, anger, fear and loneliness. Limited mobility can be frustrating, while social stigma or public scrutiny prove to be discouraging. Further, adapting to and accepting a different body image or appearance can take some time.
  • Financial: Due to wear and tear, amputees must replace their prosthetic limbs every few years. This regular replacement process can be expensive to maintain. On top of that, bills for medical consultations, therapies and prescriptions can quickly pile up.

No one deserves to take on these problems alone. Thus, a solid support system comprised of families, friends, colleagues, support networks and health professionals can help endure significant obstacles.

Learning to live fully again is a process

While rehabilitation often lasts a lifetime, looking forward to a full life is still possible. It may not be a smooth journey, but amputees tend to be some of the most resilient survivors. They may also benefit from having a Georgia legal team who can assist in building their case and fighting for their rights to receive fair compensation. Doing so can help them pay for mounting expenses and return to the life they once had.