3 ways medical expenses can get paid after a car crash

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Survivors must prioritize seeking medical care following a car accident. Unfortunately, as they receive treatment for their injuries, the bills can quickly pile up.

Depending on the severity of their condition, expenses can range from ambulance rides, emergency room visits, surgeries, therapy sessions and follow-up appointments to prescriptions. Understandably, it may be challenging to focus on recovery, knowing that every second in the hospital or in front of a physician can incur substantial costs.

Thus, learning how to pay for the accumulating charges can help ease injured parties’ financial worries.

Consider payment options for medical bills

Medical procedures and medications tend to be expensive. In worst cases, catastrophic injuries that require major operations and lifetime rehabilitation can have extra staggering prices.

Thus, affected parties must assess all possible courses of action to avoid draining their finances.

  • Personal insurance coverage: Injured individuals may check their existing insurance coverage. If they have health insurance or medical payments coverage, they may reimburse once there is a final settlement verdict. Further, uninsured and underinsured policies can protect policyholders by paying the bills when the liable driver flees the scene.
  • At-fault driver’s insurance policy: Georgia’s minimum auto liability insurance enables drivers to pay for damages resulting from collisions they caused. The amount may decrease if victims are partly to blame for the wreck per the state’s modified comparative fault rule.
  • Medical liens: For injured parties without insurance coverage or out-of-pocket capacity, they may come up with an agreement with their medical provider. They can negotiate to delay payments until such time that their claim reaches a decision.

The processing time for car crash claims differs based on the complexity of each case. When insurance companies fight to protect their profits, the process may become contentious and take anywhere from months to a couple of years.

A diligent approach can make all the difference

It will be wise for crash survivors to stay on top of their cases. However, this task is easier said than done, given their physical limitations. So, having a legal support system proves valuable. The team can work on paperwork and find proof to resolve the case as soon as possible. Doing so can also help recover the funds for the victims’ medical needs, which can also give them peace of mind from payment collectors.