Bare feet and flip-flops don’t belong behind the wheel

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2022 | Car accidents |

It’s summer, and the heat in Georgia can be sweltering, so it’s easy to understand why someone might want to walk around in flip-flops all day – or even go barefoot.

There’s nothing wrong with that, either, unless you happen to be behind the wheel of a car. For safety’s sake, it’s better to keep a pair of sneakers handy if you need to go somewhere.

Why are bare feet a problem for drivers?

Different states have different policies on barefoot drivers – and they don’t all agree. Generally speaking, it’s not illegal to do so in most states, including this one. However, experts recommend that you forgo barefoot driving because:

  • Your foot may slip off the pedal of your car more easily, especially if your feet have gotten wet or dirty. A proper shoe gives you more traction.
  • You can put a lot more force into your motion to break when you’re wearing a shoe than you can when your feet are bare. Those pedals can be somewhat painful to press hard when your foot is bare.
  • You run a bigger risk of injuring your toes and feet in a wreck when they’re bare because they have no protective covering.

Why are flip-flops an issue for drivers?

Flip-flops may be the next best thing to bare feet when you’re hot, but they’re still not safe to drive in. Bluntly put: Those kinds of shoes don’t easily stay on your feet.

Your foot can slip out of them at the wrong moment, get caught under your pedal and make it impossible to brake your car in an emergency – which could lead to a wreck. If that happens, you’d be responsible for any damages you cause. (Plus, like bare feet, flip-flops aren’t exactly any kind of protection from injuries.)

If you believe another driver’s choice of footwear (or lack thereof) caused your wreck and injuries, find out more about your right to compensation for your losses.