Poor staffing is one of the leading causes of nursing home negligence

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As our loved ones get older and lose the ability to be independent, round-the-clock care becomes increasingly crucial. As a result, it is not uncommon for families to reach out to nursing homes and professional caregivers for help. The rationale is that these facilities have resources and personnel who are properly equipped to provide quality care for the elderly and vulnerable members of society during their sunset years. 

However, most nursing homes are businesses, meaning that they need to make money. A problem arises when the drive to maximize profits persuades facility proprietors to attempt to cut corners by reducing the number of staffers or hiring unqualified caregivers. When the nursing home is poorly staffed, the existing attendants are likely to be overworked, stressed and demotivated. All these can result in any of the following problems:

Inability to provide proper care

Most nursing home residents rely on the facilities’ caregivers for pretty much every activity, including basic grooming, showering and even using the restroom. When there are not enough caregivers to attend to each resident, they might end up living in non-hygienic conditions that might make them vulnerable to infections or injuries. 

Medication errors

Due to age, most nursing home residents rely on daily medication and supplements to manage the conditions they might have. Understaffed or unqualified caregivers are more prone to making mistakes such as administering the wrong medications or even skipping critical therapies. 

Poor feeding

The importance of proper nutrition to elderly and immune-compromised people cannot be overstated. Unfortunately, most nursing home residents need help feeding. Understaffing can result in poor monitoring, which can result in the residents suffering from malnutrition and other life-threatening complications. 

Nursing home negligence can have devastating consequences. Find out how you can pursue justice if your loved one is hurt while under the care of a nursing home.