Viral photos of Atlanta-area highway accident shows how not to exit

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Every day, millions of drivers use I-285 to get around the Atlanta metro area, making it one of the busiest highways in the country. Most of them complete their drive safely, but car accidents do happen regularly.

Some of these crashes are serious and involve major injuries. Once in a while, though, you get a crash that can’t help but make you smile. One of these was recently reported by the Sandy Springs Police Department in a social media post that went viral.

Once you see the photos, you can guess what probably happened. According to police, three drivers tried to exit I-285 at the same time. Their vehicles, a van, an SUV and a sports car, collided with each other and got jammed against the right-hand concrete barrier. Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

We don’t know exactly why this happened, but it is likely that two of the drivers should have yielded and let one or both of the other vehicles exit first, but nobody did it. Only they might know whether excessive pride, inattention or something else was a factor.

What could have happened

These pictures are funny, but only because the crash was minor. A car, truck and SUV traveling at highways speeds can cause a lot of harm when the person behind the wheel acts recklessly or carelessly. Unfortunately, every year hundreds of people in the Atlanta area, including Lawrenceville, suffer serious, life-altering injuries in wrecks on I-285 and other highways at the hands of bad drivers.

If they are lucky enough to survive, they may be unable to earn an income or take care of themselves or their children. Victims often have to take the drivers who hurt them (and their insurance companies) to court for fair compensation for those damages.