Lacerations can be catastrophic when they’re severe

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When you think about most catastrophic injuries, you probably imagine traumatic head injuries or spinal cord damage. What you may not think of is a simple laceration.

Lacerations are more than just a cut, though. Lacerations, when deep enough, can cause immediate and significant blood loss. They can become infected, and they may lead to ongoing dysfunction as muscles, tendons or other parts of the body are damaged.

While many lacerations are minor enough to heal on their own, it’s important to recognize when they’re serious and when seeking medical care is a good idea.

What are the common issues that are seen with serious lacerations?

A significant laceration could, in some cases, lead to amputation due to the extent of the damage. Lacerations may also become infected and require surgical intervention (and sometimes surgical amputation). Tissue ischemia, which is a reduction in blood flow to the tissues, may also lead to an increased risk of infection or tissue death (necrosis).

What should you do if you’re badly cut in a car crash?

If you are badly cut in a collision, it’s important to go to the hospital for treatment. There are certain illnesses that may develop due to cuts in the skin, such as tetanus, that you may need to be inoculated against. It’s also a good idea to have a medical provider look at the injury to determine if it needs stitches or if it should be surgically debrided to have all debris removed from the wound and reduce the risk of infection.

Many times, all that people need for lacerations will be antibiotics and stitches. However, there are times when other treatments will be needed, such as surgeries or inoculations against dangerous diseases. Always seek medical attention, so that you can understand how serious the injury is, if you will need any special treatments and what to expect during your recovery.

After a serious injury like this, you may not be sure what to do next. Fortunately, you can seek out compensation from the driver who hit you. They should be held accountable for the collision and cover your financial losses related to your medical care, lost work hours and other situations.