Is Your Landlord Liable For Your Serious Injuries?

Georgia landlord-tenant law requires landlords to maintain safe, habitable conditions in all rented units. This duty applies throughout a lease term — not just the point in time when you move in. If you or a family member was physically injured and you believe the cause was your landlord's failure to make necessary repairs, we want to know about it at the Law Office of Derek M. Hays in Lawrenceville.

Were you injured in an apartment or condominium that you rent, seriously enough that you will have substantial medical bills and possibly suffer long-term effects, you may be able to recover compensation. As in other premises liability and personal injury litigation, this compensation may cover your medical bills, lost wages and certain other damages.

We Enforce Accountability For Failures To Repair Hazards And Correct Code Violations

Recognizing that many Georgia landlords shirk their maintenance responsibilities and risk tenant safety, attorney Derek M. Hays thrives on holding them accountable when necessary. He has obtained a $1.5 million recovery in one serious landlord liability case, along with numerous other sizable settlements. Some of the more common apartment injury causes are:

  • Falls on broken steps and dangerous stairways, including those without railings that meet code or without any railings at all
  • Negligent security enabling attacks, often in the form of failure to replace broken windows, locks, or the secured entry system
  • Apartment fires that spread without warning because of the absence of working smoke detectors

Turn To A Lawyer Who Will Prioritize Your Concerns · Begin With A Free Case Evaluation

Some apartment accident victims may look at their leases and find nothing helpful. It is important to recognize that a lease that makes the tenant responsible for repairs could be challenged in court and ruled unlawful. The only way to know whether you have a viable claim is to contact a qualified attorney such as Derek M. Hays.

Our legal team will treat you with care as we assess your potential injury claim. Our constant mission is to help our clients make sound decisions and get the money they need to get their lives back on track. To tell us about your case in a free initial consultation, call 678-942-6692 or email us now. No financial risk is involved, because we charge attorney fees only when our clients receive compensation.