What happens when a driver without insurance causes a wreck?

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2023 | Car accidents |

Liability insurance coverage makes the risks of driving financially manageable for the average adult. Given how much damage a collision can cause, the average person really cannot afford the liability that results from a crash without proper insurance coverage. If they kill someone or total a vehicle, they will have no feasible way of fully reimbursing the affected parties without this financial resource.

Motor vehicle insurance coverage helps make driving accessible even to working-class adults. They pay for coverage that will reimburse other people if they eventually cause a major crash. In many cases, drivers depend on the coverage carried by someone else after a wreck, which can be a bit unnerving because not everyone honors the law’s requirement to invest in sufficient insurance coverage.

Uninsured motorists are a known safety issue

Despite the very clear rules in Georgia requiring bodily injury and property damage liability coverage, many motorists still get behind the wheel without appropriate coverage. According to insurance industry data from 2019, roughly 12.4% of Georgia drivers are on the road without insurance.

These drivers will have no coverage to help others if they cause a crash.  When an uninsured motorist causes a collision, the other people involved in the wreck will only have two options. If they have extra coverage on their policies, the people who are not to blame for the crash can use their uninsured motorist protection or collision coverage in some cases to pay for their expenses.

When drivers don’t have that extra coverage, their only option may be to pursue a lawsuit against the driver who caused the crash. The civil courts can award damages for the same kinds of costs that insurance would cover, including Hospital bills, lost wages and vehicle repair costs.

Obviously, uninsured motorists are a serious concern for others on the road, as their irresponsible choices can lead to financial hardship for total strangers. Those who know that more than one in 10 drivers doesn’t have insurance will likely adjust their own driving habits and insurance coverage to better protect themselves. Understanding the causes of motor vehicle crashes and the protection available after one occurs can help everyone who travels by motor vehicle in Georgia to make more informed decisions about both traveling and responding to the aftermath of a crash alike.