4 causes of nursing home negligence

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Nursing homes should provide residents with quality services. Georgia has rules and regulations that they must observe to operate in the state. However, some facilities fail to follow such regulations, and in turn, neglect residents. This can lead to injuries from falls or electrocutions, bed sores or even death.

Below are four causes of nursing home negligence.

Poor hiring process

The hiring process of a nursing home should be strict to find professionals who can provide top-notch services to residents. A facility with a poor hiring process can have unqualified workers serving residents, which is dangerous as most of them have special needs that require skills. Additionally, this may result in hiring people who may put elders in danger.

Some nursing homes are so focused on making profits that they will do a substandard job during hiring to start admitting residents sooner.

Poor training

Hiring skilled personnel should not be the end. They should be trained frequently to constantly offer acceptable care to residents.

Inadequate staff

When the patient-staff ratio is unrealistic in a nursing home, the chances of neglect are high. A facility can start with a few staff members when admissions are low. However, when the number of residents increases, so should the staff, from nurses to housekeepers. Inadequate staff is one of the reasons for poor services in nursing homes.

Poor management

The management of a nursing home should be competent. A disorganized management or one that mishandles finances may fail to provide high quality basic amenities, repair facilities, hire staff when needed and pay motivating wages.

Nursing home neglect is unfair and dangerous. If your loved one has experienced it, it will be best to get professional guidance to protect their rights.