3 signs of nursing home negligence and abuse

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2023 | Nursing Home Negligence |

A person who goes into a nursing home expects that they’ll be taken care of properly. Most nursing homes tailor care plans so they meet each resident’s needs. While most people will receive good care, nursing home negligence and abuse are also possible.

Abuse and negligence in nursing homes aren’t always easy to spot. Many people think that these inhumane acts will be obvious, but they often aren’t. While bruising and scratches are visible signs of abuse and neglect, there are some that might be hidden.

Falling often

Residents shouldn’t fall constantly in the nursing home. They should all undergo a fall risk assessment and proper measures, such as mobility assistance, should be put into place to prevent them falling. Falls are dangerous for elderly individuals because they come with a risk of broken bones.

Unkempt appearance

Personal care assistance is crucial for nursing home residents. This includes making sure they take care of personal hygiene and ensuring they’re wearing appropriate clothing. If these are not happening it could be a sign of negligence.

Withdrawn or isolated

Nursing home staff members who are mistreating residents won’t want those residents to talk to others about the situation. They may keep them isolated. You may even notice them hovering around when you visit.

Victims of nursing home abuse have legal rights that can help them to recover financial damages for the horrific things done to them. There are time limits to do this, so be sure you act swiftly. It might be less stressful to work with someone who’s familiar with these cases so you can learn about the process.