3 myths about personal injuries 

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2022 | Motor vehicle crashes |

There are a lot of myths held about personal injuries. Because of this, many people put off filing personal injury claims, causing injuries to worsen or impair someone’s life. It’s easy for people to believe what they hear from another person’s account, which may lead people to believe in myths and rumors. 

The best way to debunk a myth is to research what you might not know for sure. Here’s what you should know:

1. Myth: Minor injuries aren’t worth talking about

Some serious accidents may seem to cause minor injuries. You may have walked out of a car crash with a sore neck and back, causing you to dismiss any medical concerns, but those injuries may be signs of larger health concerns like whiplash or a concussion. You may not want to downplay your injuries or they may come back to bite you.

2. Myth: You can handle your personal injury claim alone

While you can file and fight for your personal injury claim by yourself, it is often not recommended. There are a lot of legalities that go into a personal injury claim that you might not be equipped to manage. Many people have tried fighting a personal injury claim by themselves and later need legal counsel to support their claim.

3. Myth: You can go to anyone to handle a personal injury claim

You may need to reach out to the right attorney to ensure you’re getting the help you need for your personal injury claim. Look for someone who is willing to negotiate when the other side plays fair and willing to fight when they won’t.