Safe driving in extreme weather: Tips you can use

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2022 | Motor vehicle crashes |

No one likes driving in bad weather but we all find ourselves in it at least once in our lives. Heavy rain, fog and strong winds are only a few types of weather you could catch yourself in – especially in the spring when the weather can change on a dime.

You can face serious injuries if you do not know how to drive in different types of weather. Here are a few tips that can help keep you safer:

Slow down

You need to consider slowing down when roads are slick or obscured. This gives you an opportune time to brake if your car loses traction. You may still skid if you are driving through thick fog or black ice, leading to collisions. It is often the case that inexperienced drivers still drive at high speeds during bad weather. These people only worsen conditions and cause pileups. 

Pull over

You may find that it is best to pull over if the weather has worsened beyond your control. Find the right time to turn on your hazard lights and pull to the side. You will need to watch for large puddles and trenches that could leave you stranded. Wait until the weather has lightened or cleared before going back on the road.

Buckle up

Always buckle your seatbelt when driving, even if the weather is clear. Studies have shown that 90.4% of drivers do remember their safety belts, so don’t fall into that other 9.6%. A seatbelt could be the one thing that keeps you alive if you are in an accident. 

Never underestimate how sudden the weather can shift for the worse – or how poorly other drivers can respond to such shifts. Victims of weather-related motor vehicle accidents should seek experienced help to recover their losses.