What Are The Long-Term Impacts Of An Injury?

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The high velocities involved in vehicle collisions can cause injuries with long-term consequences for those hurt. The cost of an injury can extend way beyond the physical toll of surgeries and medical treatment. An injury can cause emotional distress and physical and cognitive issues that could endanger someone’s livelihood. Drivers and passengers must be aware of the complex implications of a collision injury.

Dealing with a lengthy recovery period

These are some of the injuries that could require years of rehabilitation and recovery:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): TBI injuries can be difficult to diagnose and treat. A TBI can lead to cognitive issues and require ongoing support throughout life. A brain injury can also cause difficulties for someone to continue their job or maintain a productive level of output.
  • Back Injury: Spines are complicated parts of the body. The careful balance between a spine’s vertebrae and the spinal cord means that an injury can lead to nerve damage, chronic pain and paralysis in severe cases. All of these issues could jeopardize someone’s work and lead to ongoing medical treatment.
  • Bone Injury: A broken bone may not be as simple as setting and placing the affected limb into a cast. Compound fractures can require multiple surgeries and medical interventions to make right. The injury can also affect muscle groups and blood vessels, potentially leading to impaired mobility and chronic pain.
  • Emotional Distress: The long-term consequences of being involved in a collision can have a lasting psychological impact. A person involved in a crash doesn’t have to be directly injured. A passenger or driver could be close to someone injured in a collision to witness their injuries. In that case, the emotional repercussions of an accident can be lifelong, especially if that person was a loved one.

Addressing an injury claim

Injured motorists need every bit of support they can find during their recovery. An injury claim may be a valuable tool for those attempting to keep negligent drivers accountable for their actions.