Winter driving poses unique challenges

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2021 | Car accidents |

There are numerous potential risks to road users in Georgia all year round. Nonetheless, the colder months present some specific challenges for drivers to overcome.

Many of these risks result from a drastic change in weather conditions, with others coming from potential driver errors. Understanding some of the more common causes of accidents in winter could assist with preventing them. Outlined below are some of the unique challenges posed to road users in winter.

Decreased visibility

Visibility is key in keeping drivers safe on the roads. Unfortunately, colder conditions, as well as increased driving in the dark, can impair the visibility of all vehicle operators. This presents potential dangers from numerous different angles. For instance, in such conditions, you will be less likely to notice hazards and other vehicles. At the same time, other people have a reduced chance of being able to see you. To get around this, it is important to ensure that your windshield remains clean at all times. Additionally, you should check that all of your headlights are working effectively before embarking on a journey.

Black ice

Often, it is visibly apparent that road surfaces are covered with snow and ice. Nevertheless, there are some dangers that remain hidden. Black ice is transparent, which makes it especially hazardous. This type of ice is commonly found in shaded areas, such as underneath bridges. It is important to remain calm during an encounter with black ice, as accelerating or braking too quickly could result in losing control of your vehicle completely.


While you may be a perfectly capable driver, winter conditions can negate any skills that you have. It is important to remain calm and patient, without becoming overly confident. In extreme winter conditions, driving may simply not be worth the risk at all.

As a road user in Georgia, it is vital to protect yourself. In the unfortunate event that you are injured in a road traffic accident, you may be able to pursue legal compensation.