What is the full value of life in a wrongful death lawsuit? 

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You need to meet certain criteria to bring a wrongful death claim against a person or business in Georgia. You need to have a close familial relationship with the deceased. There also needs to be some proof that wrongful acts or negligence contributed to your loss. For example, it’s common to see wrongful death claims after a drunk driver causes a fatal wreck or a defective consumer product explodes and kills someone. 

Surviving dependents can seek compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit of up to the full value of the deceased party’s life. How do you determine the financial value of someone’s life?

There are concrete financial factors to consider

Your loved one can no longer help financially support your family because they died unexpectedly. You will likely be able to seek compensation for their wages and future earning potential, including benefits and retirement savings, that they would have learned had they lived. Your claim may also include other concrete expenses, including medical bills and funeral expenses that your family incurred because of your loss.

There are intangible considerations that can increase your claim

What your loved one contributed to your household was not just money. They also provided unpaid labor like childcare or lawn maintenance. They provided emotional support and companionship. You’ll have to look at the role they played in your life and in the family to determine what intangible but still valuable losses your family suffered. 

Exploring the law about wrongful death claims in Georgia can help your family decide how to proceed after losing a loved one.