Poor hygiene is a serious sign of nursing home neglect

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The chronic understaffing of nursing homes is problematic because there is an increased risk of neglect. One of the serious signs of nursing home neglect is when residents have poor hygiene. Poor hygiene isn’t just about smelling bad or not getting to wash their hair enough. 

Having poor hygiene can lead to infections and mean that other issues, like pressure ulcers or injuries, are going unnoticed by the staff members who would be helping your loved one bathe or take care of themselves in other ways.

Poor hygiene is a danger to your loved one

Poor hygiene is an issue for anyone, but for seniors, it can become even more of a problem. Poor hygiene and a lack of cleanliness may lead to infections, skin diseases and parasites. According to the Mayo Clinic, poor dental hygiene could contribute to diseases such as:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Endocarditis
  • Pneumonia

In a nursing home, patients with poor hygiene may be at a higher risk of developing urinary tract infections, athlete’s foot, head lice, pinworms, scabies or other illnesses that spread in the nursing home or develop as a result of uncleanliness. 

What should you do if you notice hygiene problems in a nursing home?

The first step is to get your loved one the support with their hygiene that they need. If the nursing home cannot handle their basic care, it’s important to step in to help while looking for a new facility to care for your loved one. You have the option of looking into a claim for nursing home neglect, as well, because no resident of a nursing home should go without this very basic care.