Take care when you let your teenage child drive

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It can be worrying as a parent when your child first starts to drive alone. During the first few years, they run a greater risk of injury as they do not have the experience to anticipate other driver’s actions.

You can reduce the danger to your teen by carefully electing when you allow them to drive.

When are the most dangerous times on the roads?

Certain times of day, days of the week and days of the year can be much more dangerous than others. Here are some times to watch out for:

  1. Holidays: When people get in the festive spirit, they may be more likely to drink and drive. The Fourth of July is the single most dangerous day on the roads. Thanksgiving and Christmas are also high-risk times. There is a large amount of traffic on the road and a high likelihood that other drivers have been drinking.
  2. Weekends: Many people drive to bars on Friday and Saturday nights. Youngsters may fill the car with friends who could distract them or spur them on to unwise behavior. Many drivers are still under the effect of alcohol on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
  3. Rush-hour: Peak traffic leads to agitated drivers. With the roads full of traffic, there is also less room for error.
  4. Nighttime:  It is harder to spot hazards during the night. Dusk and dawn can also be challenging, especially if the sun is in your eyes.

Even if you decide to allow your teenage child to drive at these high-risk times, you should explain they need to take extra care. As important as giving adolescents their freedom is, you want them to come back home safely and not get injured by other drivers’ imprudent actions.