Who suffers amputations the most?

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Data published by Industrial Safety & Hygiene News (ISHN) in 2016 captured how 30,000 or more individuals suffer traumatic amputations annually in the United States. Traffic crashes, including car, truck, train, motorcycle, pedestrian and bicycle ones, are primarily responsible for these. Industrial or agricultural accidents are next in line as most apt to result in an individual losing a limb. There are other trends as it relates to how these incidents occur

Other events likely to result in an amputation

Individuals who work with fireworks, explosives or firearms such as military service members, law enforcement and miners are vulnerable to suffering an injury that requires amputation. Anyone who works in construction or landscapers, especially around lawnmowers, may face the same fate. It’s not uncommon for anyone who has a car door or electrocution accident to need to have their limb removed as a result of their injury either. 

Patients who require amputations the most

Data published by ISHN shows that at least 80% of patients who undergo traumatic amputation are males. A significant percentage of those individuals fall into the 15 to 40 age bracket. At least 600 kids end up needing a limb removed each year due to their involvement in a lawnmower accident.

Body parts most affected by amputations

At least 70% of patients who undergo amputation have their upper limbs removed. The hand or fingers are the most commonly amputated body part. The arm ranks second. At least 10% of upper body amputation cases involve the removal of both the hand and wrist. Approximately 60% of these happen below the elbow. At least 22% of patients who undergo lower-limb amputations find themselves back in the hospital within 30 days of their initial surgery, dealing with complications. 

Your options if you suffered a life-altering accident

Every body part that we’re born with has a purpose and function. While it’s not impossible to live without your limbs, it can make doing things a lot harder. A personal injury attorney can advise you how Georgia law allows you to hold negligent parties accountable for your debilitating injuries. An attorney can protect your right to recover medical costs as well as other damages, including ones associated with your reduced quality of life.