Elder care and the holidays: When staffing drops even lower

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2020 | Nursing Home Negligence |

There is no question that some elderly individuals need a lot of supportive care. The staff members in nursing homes are kept busy treating their patients. Oftentimes, these facilities don’t really have enough staff members to handle the number of patients there, but with illnesses, holidays and other factors, there’s often nothing the facility can do about it in the short-term.

As someone with a loved one who is in a nursing home, it is important that you have a word with the nursing home director about how holidays are handled. Many staff members may have shorter shifts, or there may be a “skeleton crew” working through important holidays while others spent time at home.

Not having enough staff can lead to serious injuries

Not having enough staff members during the busy holiday season can certainly create hazards for everyone in the facility. Elderly individuals who are calling for assistance may have to wait longer. New staff members, or those who are filling in for others who are out, may not be as familiar with the patients or what they need. Mistakes could be made, which then could cause injuries or deaths.

You should let the nursing home know your concerns as soon as possible

Speak with the nursing home about how the staffing ratio will be impacted by the holidays or other factors. If you have concerns about a high patient-to-staff ratio, make sure you let the nursing home know. If your loved one does get hurt because no one is there to assist them or because of rushed care, then it’s your right to look into seeking legal support.