There’s no excuse for dehydration among nursing home residents

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In a nursing home, you expect the staff to take good care of your loved one. You brought them to this facility because they were aging and needed more support. You wanted your loved one to have the care they needed as they approached the end of their life.

When you found out that they had passed away suddenly, you were shocked. You were infuriated when you spoke to the medical provider who oversaw the case, because they told you that your loved one had been extremely dehydrated. In fact, they believed that it had much to do with your loved one’s delirium that led to a fall and their subsequent death.

Nursing home providers know the importance of good hydration

Nursing home providers do know the importance of providing patients with the hydration they need. Most nursing homes do provide jugs of water, which they refill regularly, as well as liquids with meals and activities. The cups and jugs used by residents generally have measurement markings so that the staff can identify when they are not drinking. The staff also checks the toilets, in some cases, to notate how often residents are going to the bathroom and how much they are expelling.

There is really no excuse for allowing a patient to become dangerously dehydrated because those who need hydration can have an intravenous solution given to them. Those who are ill and unable to drink well may need a regular IV to stay hydrated.

Severe dehydration may lead to confusion, seizures, dizziness, low urine output and even shock. If your loved one died as a result of one of these complications, then it may be time to consider a nursing home abuse lawsuit.