3 ways you can prevent whiplash in a car accident

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The impact of a car accident can cause you and passengers to shake back and forth, even if you buckle up your seat belt. This might not be any easy image to visualize, but unfortunately car accidents happen all the time.

Thankfully, you can try and reduce the impact of whiplash-related injuries that are a common occurrence in rear-end collisions. According to Mayo Clinic, whiplash can take place when the neck moves in a whip-like motion and can result in short- or long-term neck pain, headaches, fatigue and more. But you can help protect everyone you transport from whiplash by being a mindful driver and adjusting their seats.

Watch your back

Since it usually takes a hit to the back of your car to cause whiplash, you can try and look out for traffic behind your more often. Although looking forward is natural, always being aware of the cars that are directly in front of you and behind you is essential. Remember your review mirror isn’t just a hook to hang up your air freshener.

Raise and use your headrest

You can set up your headrest in a way that can offer maximum support if your were to fall victim to a crash. Basically, the top of your headrest should be as close to the top of your head as possible and the distance between the back of your head and the headrest shouldn’t exceed three inches. That way, you can fall back on a built-in support system if the force of a collision sends your neck and head back. In fact, if you sense that the car behind you is getting dangerously close, then you can try and keep your head pressed against the head restraint to minimize movement.

Use rear-facing car seats

As a driver, you are also responsible for the safety of your passengers. Before leaving the driveway, try to make a habit of having everyone in your ride adjust their headrest properly, the same way you’d remind them to click their seat belts. And to protect your little ones who ride in car seats, a rear-facing car seat is a great option. This is because when your baby faces the back of the vehicle, then their back will take the brunt of the impact, instead of their head and neck.

If it’s too late and your doctor has told you that the pain you are experiencing after a car crash is from whiplash, then a personal injury attorney can help you receive monetary relief and other relevant damages.