What if you lose part of your body in an accident?

On Behalf of | May 1, 2020 | Car accidents |

Have you ever taken those relaxation classes where they tell you to lie down and close your eyes? You listen to the soft, calm voice of the teacher as they ask you to “Notice any tension,” and guide you through your body, from your little toe all the way up to the tip of your head.

What if one day, one of those parts of your body was no longer there? If your left big toe was missing, or your right lower leg was but a distant memory, or your left arm was entirely gone.

What would change? Would you still be able to throw the ball accurately when your left foot does not provide a stable platform? Would you be able to drive when you have no lower leg to press the gas pedal? How will you hold the onion steady when chopping if you have no left arm? 

An amputation is going to cost you in more ways than you know. It may take a long time to realize the full cost of an accident and how it will affect your life. While you probably think of war veterans when someone mentions amputees, the most common causes of amputations are medical: conditions such as vascular disease and diabetes.

Vehicle crashes, work accidents or medical malpractice can all result in your losing a limb. In cases such as these, you cannot rely on the insurance company to willingly look after you for life. You need a legal team to examine all the evidence and find out why it happened and who was at fault. Your life suddenly got more expensive; it is not right that you should suffer financially as well as physically.