Your semi accident may have been caused thousands of miles away

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You’ve seen hundreds of trucks driving through your area, but this sighting ended with you getting injured. It can be hard to know who caused the accident, especially because the negligent party could have put things in motion long before your wreck.

Truck accidents can result in tens of thousands of injuries every year, and the majority of those feeling the pain weren’t sitting in the truck. It can be tempting to stick the blame on the driver right away, but sometimes the one at-fault may not even be at the scene of the crash. Negligence in trucking accidents could have happened before that truck ever got near Lawrenceville.

Finding fault

Drivers aren’t the only ones that can be responsible for an accident, as there are a lot of parties that are involved in getting a truck on the road:

  • Trucking company: A lot goes into running a transportation company, and that includes properly managing drivers. Proper background checks, training and on-the-job evaluations are often requirements when bringing on new drivers. If they fall short in one of these areas, the business could be found negligent in their driver’s wreck.
  • Manufacturer: The truck could have been at risk before it ever left the shop. If a part failure or malfunction caused the accident when there wouldn’t have been a problem otherwise, then the company making the part may hold the blame. The huge weight of semis can be incredibly dangerous if brakes, steering systems or couplers fail on a truck.
  • Shipping company: Trucks are an essential part of the economy for their ability to haul tons of goods in a single load. But those loads can quickly become the source of problems. If a load is top-heavy, distributed improperly or not correctly secured, that could be a big problem once the truck hits the open road. Whoever gave the green light on the shipment may hold some responsibility.

Finding out who exactly is culpable for your accident may be the first step toward getting recovery. Find the answer to that, and you could be well on your way to getting the help you deserve.